Some people say they’ve learned life lessons from their dogs… September 02, 2015 21:28

Bruno has had to learn one of his hardest life lessons… how to live happily in a shelter.  Seized by Humane Law Enforcement officers in December of 2012 due to cruelty, he was adopted out, only to find himself abandoned at the local shelter.  We fetched him back to us, ready to fulfill our promise to find him a fur-ever home. 

Might you be his fur-ever buddy?!

Bruno is 2 ½ years old and is recommended in an all adult household because he can be a little intense when playing with his toys.  Also, he could benefit from some training to help him with not getting overstimulated easily.  He gets along very well with other dogs and loves to cuddle! If you are interesting in meeting or learning more about Bruno please contact Ross at or at 215-779-0539

If now’s not a good time for a new furry family member, help the PSPCA in other ways, by sending donated items from their wish list or volunteer some of your time to the PSPCA's very critical mission learn more by visiting their website below.

Adopt a fur-ever buddy today!


350 E. Erie Avenue

Philadelphia, PA,  19134

(215) 426-6300

Gretta- Beauty queen, looking for her crowning moment. August 14, 2015 16:40

Gorgeous Gretta is a 12 month old, spayed female, Beagle/Pit mix, weighing 45lbs. Her magnificent chocolate colored coat with light brindle markings will surely steal your heart immediately. Gretta is a real flirt. She loves giving kisses and is very loving. She has proven to be a snuggler extraordinaire. She adores affection (and belly rubs) from her admirers. Like any aspiring beauty queen manners and etiquette class is essential. Both Gretta and her adoptive family would benefit from obedience training, which serves as a fantastic bonding experience which establishes the YOU as the alpha. Gretta has proven to be a strong little girl on walks, and she can be vocal when other doggies pass her by. Gretta is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. If you think you have room in your heart and home for this bubbly beauty, please visit The adoption fee is $250.00. 

Midnight - Looking for Love in all the Right Places July 19, 2015 00:00


Midnight, a black lab mix, is a fine specimen of a mammal - incredibly intelligent, regal, and adoring. Midnight is a young buck at 3 years old, and a burly 48 pounds. He lives to be with his people and excels at socializing  with other canines.  Midnight is experienced with mini-humans aged 13 and up. He is a rare gem – a extraordinarily happy boy -- a vision on four paws. He dreams of his own furever home with a fenced in yard where he can frolic with his doggie and human friends outside on lazy summer afternoons. Can you be his human? If you think Midnight would be an excellent fit at your home please follow the links below.  

His adoption donation fee is $280, which includes his neuter, routine vetting and a microchip. You can apply for Midnight by filling out the online application, which is found on their website  Please email Tara's Hosue at with any questions.

Helping Out Your Local Rescue: Its easier than you think. July 09, 2015 00:00

According the the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million pets enter animal shelters a year. That's a lot of homeless furbabies. When faced with such a daunting number its hard, as an animal lover, to take in the sheer size of the issue. While the number of animal rescues in the US is large, feeding, vetting, transporting, housing, and marketing (yes, they need to advertise these adorable creatures) homeless animals can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars an animal. Now the purpose clearly stating this isn't to make you feel bad or helpless. If this recitation of fact touches you we want you to keep on reading because here are a few great ideas you can take with you to help homeless animals: 

  1. Spay and neuter your animal. The ASPCA reports that upwards of 90% of animals received in shelters each year are not spay/neutered. Preventing animal pregnancies also prevents the amount of homeless animals. 
  2. Adopt don't shop, and if you do buy, buy from a reputable and responsible breeder.
  3. Foster. Think about taking in a homeless dog and caring for it while it finds its forever home. I know this isn't for everyone because space and living situations often times do not allow taking on extra animals, but if you have the space why not share it with a ball of fur that has nothing to offer but unconditional love. 
  4. Volunteer. If you can't foster, there is always a laundry list of other things rescues need help with, whether it be cleaning kennels, screening adoption applications, transporting a dog from a kill shelter to a foster, walking dogs in kennels, or running an adoption event table. 
  5. Donate. No penny is unwanted, no lightly used dog toy that Fido didn't like is overlooked. If you have a almost full bag of treats or food that your baby didn't like, they may take that too. Of course new items are always taken with open arms, but you can get creative with your giving and it will be appreciated just the same. 
  6. Shop with companies that give back. We aren't the only company out there that donates money (or time, like dog training companies). Even a 1% kick back to a rescue is more than they would have gotten had you shopped elsewhere. It may not always be an option but, hey, its out there. We are proof. 

You may not be able to do all or even some of the items on this list, but if you do one, you are doing something. You are helping alleviate the animal homelessness epidemic and you should feel proud. 

Until next time, stay safe and love your furbabies. 


UPDATE- ADOPTED!! Sasha - Adorable Shepherd/Hound Mix Pup at Tara's House July 03, 2015 00:00

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Stunning Shepherd/Coonhound mix girl looking for love!

Sweet and loving Sasha is our very first featured adoptable furbaby. She's a svelte 45 pound two year old ball of wonderful. She found herself at Tara's House and is now searching for her soulmates. Her favorite song? Lean on Me.  She absolutely loves to lean against you. Sasha is a huge fan of stretching her legs on long walks, and rewards you for taking her out and about by behaving well on leash.  If you like the outdoors she is your girl. She'll romp in the yard and play catch with the coveted tennis ball for days.  Though she's 45 lbs, we know she must have been a lap dog in a previous life because  she loves to sit in your lap and receive loving strokes on her soft fur from head to toe (in other words, she knows she's a princess). Sasha is a wonderfully sweet girl, and will be a great family pet. Her foster's report that she's good with other dogs and kids. If you want to be the profoundly lucky family to call her your own, please visit Tara's House website and fill out an adoption application. 

Sasha's adoption donation fee is $280, which includes spay/neuter, routine vetting and a microchip.  You can apply for Sasha by filling out our online application, which is found on their website or  Please email the rescue at with any questions

Inaugural Post - Welcome to Paw Paw Prints July 01, 2015 20:27


What seems like so many months ago, we had a novel idea to create a company that was more than just a company.  True, we have dreams to make a few bucks, but there is an integral underlying goal we hold near and dear to our hearts. We want to help dogs, while also making them look dashingly handsome and/or astoundingly beautiful in their new and unique accessories. Then it happened one late Friday night after spending a few months trying to figure out what we really wanted to do to change our lives. We got an brilliant idea to start a company that donates a portion of every sale to an animal rescue. Being involved with animal rescues, you become acutely aware of the every stressful lack of funds to feed, house, vet, and place homeless animals. It seemed no matter how many individual cases I sent $20 here or $50 there, there was always fifty more popping up in its place. We frequently saw companies doing donation nights or specials in their stores to benefit one rescue or another. Our plan is simple, we will partner with any rescue who needs help, so long as they are a legitimate 501(c)(3), and after they are partnered up we will remain partners as long as they meet our simple requirements. Our customers will be able to pick which rescue they want their purchase's rescue proceeds to benefit and its just that simple. Starting off our donation amount will be 10% of net profits from each sale. We might not be able to change the world, but I sure hope we'll change a good number of furry friends lives for the better (and a few lucky human home havers too). We hope you love our products as much as we do! Look out for more fun and exciting products to come, we're thinking harnesses, leashes, and a sweater or two. (SPOILERS!!) 

Thanks so much for your interest in our company. May the shopping begin!!