You love dogs? We love dogs? You love cats? We love cats too! We understand that every pet owner’s pet is the best most important pet in the world, and we identified a noticeable gap in the availability of pet products that adequately express the “uniqueness” of our own animals. VOILA! Paw Paw Prints was founded with a goal of designing and creating bright and unique pet accessories that will be real show stoppers at the local dog park (or just around the living room for those lovable lounging lugs).

GUESS WHAT? That was not enough for us. Having seen and heard of so many homeless animals in the US, and rescuing some of our own, we realized there was more we can do.  When we decided to start Paw Paw Prints we made a personal commitment to ensure 10 percent of our net profits from each sale goes to an animal rescue or animal charity that you can designate. 

HOW?  Paw Paw Prints reaches out to local charities, or local charities can reach out to us, and after a rescue interview if they meet our requirements for donations (reputable, 501(C)(3) organizations), we will add you to our charity drop down list where purchasers can designate to whom they would like the charity portion of the sale to go.  At the end of each month charity will receive their portion of the profits.  What’s the best part? This isn’t some special, we aren’t temporarily partnering, we aren’t doing this just to help one organization. This is to help the most animals we can anywhere in the US by helping those thankless human run organizations that do their best to place every animal in a loving home, provide shelter from the cold, food in their bellies, and many tail-wagging moments.